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Conditions of membership are somewhat extensive. This, however, is necessary. Please take the time to read them carefully if you are considering applying for membership.Membership of Swansea Rifle Club can be applied for by any person over the age of ten years.Persons under the age of eighteen must have the permission of a parent or guardian to apply for membership of the club.Persons under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or other responsible person over the age of twenty one nominated by the parent or guardian, while on the club premises. This person is responsible for the conduct of the 'junior' while on the club premises. This person need not be a member of the club, but if they are not, they cannot participate in the activities of the club ie. will not be allowed to handle or use firearms or ammunition.Membership application will not be accepted from any person who is prohibited by law from using or being in possession of firearms, under Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 (as amended).All applicants will be required to sign a declaration of compliance.All new members, regardless of age or experience in shooting sports will be required to serve a six month period of probationary membership.During the probationary period the new member will be introduced to the club, its rules and regulations and its activities. The new member will be closely supervised by a competent person who is a full member of the club. He/she will be instructed in the safe handling and use of firearms, and will not be allowed to use firearms unsupervised until considered competent to do so by a range officer.This applies to all new members, including those who have had previous experience in the handling and use of firearms. All members, but particularly probationary members are expected to attend the club on a regular basis. This need not be frequently, but should be at least once per weekProbationary members will be considered by the committee for full membership at the first committee meeting after the expiry of the six months period. The committee will consider the probationers conduct within the club, taking particular notice of their safety in the use of firearms, their attendence and their perceived commitment to the club and its activities.The committee can, at this juncture, either offer the new member full membership of the club, extend the probationary period or revoke membership.Given sufficient cause, the committee can review membership at any time.Subscription fees.Six month probationary membershipAdults ----------------------------- £50Juniors ---------------------------- £25Full membershipAdults ---------------------------- £100 p.a.Juniors and students----------- £50 p.a. Family membership is also available.Subscription fees are collected during October. Probationary members offered full membership during the year previous will pay their subscription fees pro rata up to October.Family membership is also availablee : Adult £100, Spouse or first child under eighteen years £50 Subsequent children under eighteen years of age £22.50Subscription fees are collected during October. Probationary members offered full membership during the year previous will pay their subscription fees pro rata up to October.Range fees.Members pay a range fee of £1.50 (£1.00 - juniors and pensioners) at every visit to the club. The use of club equipment is freeMembers attending the Club with no intention of shooting (apart from on Club Business) £1.00 per day.